jellies are sweet

Apr 3, 2009

April Edition

beige upneck floral vintage dress, brown braided leather belt

red oversized top, grey ankle legging, white bow hairclip

black tanktop, blue pencil skirt, biker jacket, rose hairclip, open-toe boots

black loose tank, black zippered pant, disco-stars patterned blazer, open toe booties

i wore this on easter sunday
sateen longsleeve top, black vintage overal dress, black oxford ankle boots, black rose ring, red oversized clutch bag


red jumpsuits, white tank, brown polka legging, black crocs shoes, red handbag, tiered heart-drops necklace

red tank, white vintage miglength skirt, red flats, brown skinny belt, red handbag

stripe top, baggy jeans, double stacked pearl necklace, floral mary jane, brown bag


white brocade vintage dress, beads necklace, rubber bangle, cream wedges, brown bag


  1. Hai haiii...
    Gw suka deh liat foto2 kamu. You are so pretty and stylish!
    Two thumbs up for you!

  2. You're getting good at it! =D

  3. At "doing things so that you look good". =] Love it so much.

  4. aahh floral maryjanenya lucuuuu...