jellies are sweet

Sep 25, 2008

Sep 23, 2008

[current obsession] Sweet Cravings

i want this,,,

strawberry cheese cake (pic courtesy of

and this,,,

taro cake (pic courtesy of

sweet n yummy!!

Sep 22, 2008

what i wore 18/09/2008 - 20/09/2008

18/09/2008 - curly n bowie

19/09/2008 - plaid day

20/09/2008 - deep purple

Sep 18, 2008

London Fashion Week : House of Holland SS09RTW

here's some Henry Holland ready to wear collection for Spring/Summer 09

pictures courtesy of

um...the details : BIG polkadots, sheer, yellow, jeans, neutral make up
i definitely luv the women's collection especially that Agyness wore (the first from left), but not so with the men's one.
And the shoes are terrific, luv' em!
What do you guys think?

Sep 17, 2008

[current obsession] animal prints

i'm daydreaming to have one of these cute 'animalian' stuffs

what i wore ,recap

sorry for the late update, here's a recap of what i wore since the last post until today










yerterday, 16/09/08

today, 17/09/08

Sep 4, 2008

what i wore

yesterday's outfit,,,

* details : an offwhite tanktop, a grey cardigan, a satin dark blue scarf, and a denim swing skirt

today's outfit,,,

*details : a black ruffle dress, a motorcycle jacket, and a gold plate necklace

Sep 2, 2008

what i wore 020908

this is what i wore today,,,

details : a red sabrina, a dark grey shawl vest, a braided choc skinny belt, a straight jeans, plus a black big bag